Friday, July 2, 2010

Historic Downtown Walking Tour

Last Thursday the fam and I and a group of our friends decided to do the walking tour in Etown! I was in a really pissy mood because our van had broken down ON THE WAT to the tour, but we decided a diversion was the way to go!

The tour started near the yarn shop on the Etown traffic circle. It took about an hour and was only about a block of real walking. The kids loved getting out and it was seriously good fun.

Our tour was lead by Samuel Haycraft, who was from one of the founding families of Etown. He told us all about his dad, and how he worked in the court house for 60 years. We next visited Aunt Beck's boarding house (now the Brown-Pusey House). We were able to see the house, with it's toile wallpaper and fantastic garden featuring some native plants. Adan and I have been ripping them out of the flower bed as weeds. oops! I still consider them weeds, though! In the gardens, we were able to meet General Custer, who sometimes stayed at the boarding house, and P.T. Barnum. We were treated to a sweet rendition of Old Kentucky home by the Swedish singer traveling with Barnum. We met the postmistress of Etown, who was also President Lincoln's sister-in-law. We met the govenor who established Etown as the heart of the Blue Grass region when he ensured that the turnpike and railroad went through Etown. General Morgan talked to us about spanking Yankee butts, and president Buchanan told us about his connection to president Lincoln. The BEST part, according to the kiddos was the old lady with a hatchet that got into a bar fight. Yep, old lady meets bar stool. Old lady looses.

It was a super fun way to learn some local history. I recommend this tour to everyone! and you can't beat the price either. FREE!!

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