Monday, April 11, 2011

Bats Baseball! Picture intense.

This post is not recommended for anyone using dial up internet. Although, I don't know anyone who still uses dial-up.

Friday we went to the Bats baseball game. 'Twas tons of fun, and Jack's first baseball game!

We always go for the cheap seats. At $6 a seat it's a pretty good outing. Once we sat in the grass area. It is a hilly area so it is a bit hard to sit on, but I definitely think we will go for the grassy area from now on. The grass gives the kids a bit more space to move around and you don't have to say "excuse me, excuse me" every 5 minutes. The only exception will be for Thunder. I want a seat on that day, baby.

We also brought food in a cooler in the car. Hot dogs are $4 each and drinks are about $3.50 each, so expect to spend a fortune on food if you don't eat first.

Before the game, the kids and I walked down to the waterfront and visited our favorite funky fowl, and checked out the turtles in the Ohio. This hatchling was super small, as small as... as small as... as small as something bigger than a quarter but still really small. Baby turtles make me smile!

THEN, we had to wait for grammy and grampa who took their sweet time and did not answer the cell phone. We almost melted in the heat while waiting by the football dude in front of the baseball stadium. (Love ya, 'rents!)

So anyway, Bats game.

Alex is now interested in baseball and knows enough to follow along. About halfway through the game, he lost interest.

AJ knew he did not care much, and brought a book.

Lucy threw a few fits and ate junk food.

Jack slept and coo'd.

Grammy and Grampa did grandparenty things, and it was nice family time! AND the bats won.

The fireworks were very nice, and at least as good as the 4th of July fireworks on post.

Watching the fireworks

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